Our U.S. office specializes in innovative and important college-level texts in education, media/communication, black studies, and diversity studies for individual scholars and for classroom use. Our presence in these four fields is well recognized by students, researchers, and the academic community. Every volume is peer reviewed and meets the highest quality standards for content and production.

About Our Education List

Peter Lang is one of the leading publishers of textbook and academic trade titles in Education. A large number of our titles have won academic awards from a variety of prestigious academic organizations and publications. We are proud to say that we have made a significant impact on the education curriculum taught at schools of education around the world.

While most of our titles are directed at both individuals and classrooms at the upper-division undergraduate and graduate levels, we also publish an extensive list of primers for first-year classes.

We are continually looking to develop the list and look forward to working with you on your next book project. Contact Christopher Myers, Managing Director, with education textbook proposals.

About Our Media & Communication List

We have actively been commissioning in the area of media and communication for almost ten years. In that time the list has grown to include prominent titles in the areas of new media, youth culture, political communication, advertising, and journalism. More recently the list has expanded to incorporate urban communication, history, and visual communication, among others.

The list is broad in perspective, representing the established and evolving nature of the field. Titles are designed for classroom use, as required or recommended reading, and we are actively looking to publish more texts suitable for introductory classes. We also publish books at the cutting edge of research, addressing topical and important subject areas such as climate change and the global war on terror.

Many titles are now in the their third or fourth edition, and several have won prestigious book prizes including the Choice Outstanding Academic Title, Tankard Book Award, Lambda Literary Award, and various divisional awards of the NCA.

Contact Mary Savigar, Senior Acquisitions Editor, with media & communication textbook proposals.

We welcome proposals from authors writing in our fields of interest. If you have a proposal or manuscript that you wish to share with us, please use our submission form.

New in Diversity!

Critical Studies of Latino/as in the Americas – sub series of The Peter Lang Diversity

Edited by Yolanda Medina and Margarita Machado-Casas / Series Executive Editor: Shirley R. Steinberg

Critical Studies of Latinos/as in the Americas will become the counterpart of the aforementioned research about the Latino/a diaspora that deserve equal scholarly attention and will add to the academic field of inquiry that highlights the lived experience, consequential progress and contributions, as well as the issues and concerns that all Latinos/as face in present times. This provocative series will offer a critical space for reflection and questioning of what it means to be Latino/a living in the Americas, extending the dialogue to include the North and South Western hemispheric relations that are prevalent in other fields of global studies such as Post Colonial Theory, Post Colonial Feminism, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, and Critical Race Theory, among others. This broader scope can contribute to prolific interdisciplinary research and can also promote changes in policies and practices that will enable today’s leaders to deal with the overall problems that affect us all.

Topics that explore contemporary inequalities and social exclusions associated with processes of racialization, economic exploitation, health, education, transnationalism, immigration, gendered and sexual identities, and disabilities that are not commonly highlighted in the current literature as well as the multitude of socio-economic, and -cultural commonalities and differences among the Latinos/as in the Americas will be at the center of the series.

As the Latino population continues to grow and change, and universities enhance their Latino Studies programs to be inclusive of all types of Latinidad, a series dedicated to the lived experience of Latinos in the Americas and a consideration of their progress and concerns in the social, cultural, political, economic, and artistic arenas is of incredible value in the quest for pedagogical practices and understandings that apply a critical perspective to the problems and issues facing scholars in this area of study. Scholars, faculties, and students alike will benefit from this series.

New in Media!

Digital Formations

Edited by Steve Jones

Digital Formations is the best source for critical, well-written books about digital technologies and modern life. Books in the series break new ground by emphasizing multiple methodological and theoretical approaches to deeply probe the formation and reformation of lived experience as it is refracted through digital interaction. Each volume in Digital Formations pushes forward our understanding of the intersections, and corresponding implications, between digital technologies and everyday life. The series examines broad issues in realms such as digital culture, electronic commerce, law, politics and governance, gender, the Internet, race, art, health and medicine, and education. The series emphasizes critical studies in the context of emergent and existing digital technologies.