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Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication

AEJMC-Peter Lang Scholarsourcing Series

ISSN 2373-6976

Stürmer, Stefan / Rohmann, Anette

Beiträge zur Angewandten Psychologie

ISSN 2199-8795

Felten, Uta

Coding Gender in Romance Cultures

ISSN 2199-5109

Jasiakiewicz, Wojciech / Lipski, Jakub

English Literature and Culture in Context

ISSN 2198-3399

Gabels, Susan L. / Danforth, Scot

Inclusion and Teacher Education

ISSN 2373-695X

Bak Jorgensen, Martin / Garcia Agustin, Oscar

Political and Social Change

ISSN 2198-8595

Sulowski, Stanislaw

Studies in Politics, Security and Society

ISSN 2199-028X

Graeme, Davis / David, Jacques

Studies in the British Mesolithic and Neolithic

ISSN 0930-2328

Miller, sj / Burns, Leslie David

Social Justice Across Contexts in Education

ISSN 2372-6849

Ohme, Andreas / Richter, Nicole


Slavistische Studien. Slavonic Studies

ISSN 2363-815X

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