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Keblowska-Lawniczak, Ewa / Wolny, Ryszard

Silesian Studies in Anglophone Cultures and LIteratures

ISSN 2197-4438

Association for Edcucation in Journalism and Mass Communication

AEJMC-Peter Lang Scholarsourcing Series

Dobek-Ostrowska, Boguslawa / Glowacki, Michal

Studies in Communication and Politics

ISSN 2197-1625

Baumer Lorenz E./Collombert Philippe

Etudes genevoises sur l'Antiquité

ISSN 2296-8628

Jasiakiewicz, Wojciech / Lipski, Jakub

English Literature and Culture in Context

ISSN 2198-3399

Gabels, Susan L. / Danforth, Scot

Inclusion and Teacher Education

Bak Jorgensen, Martin / Garcia Agustin, Oscar

Political and Social Change

ISSN 2198-8595

Russell, Constance / Dillon, Justin

[Re]thinking Environmental Education

ISSN 1949-0747

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