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The Liturgical Vision of Pope Benedict XVI

Biliniewicz, Mariusz

The Liturgical Vision of Pope Benedict XVI

A Theological Inquiry

Year of Publication: 2013

Oxford, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Wien, 2013. X, 341 pp.
ISBN 978-3-0343-0923-3 pb.  (Softcover)

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Book synopsis

This book presents and evaluates the liturgical vision of Pope Benedict XVI and the theological background underlying that vision. It describes the main features of Joseph Ratzinger’s theology of the liturgy and analyses them within the context of his theology as a whole. Ratzinger’s evaluation of the contemporary Roman Catholic liturgy is explored in relation to his overall assessment of the post-Vatican II era in the Church, alongside an examination of his project of liturgical renewal (‘reform of the reform’) and its practical implementation during his pontificate. The author discusses the various critical voices which have been raised against the Pope’s liturgical agenda and against certain aspects of his general theology. Overall, the book offers an assessment of the importance of Ratzinger’s vision for the Church at the threshold of the third millennium.


Contents: Basic features of Joseph Ratzinger’s theology of the liturgy – Ratzinger’s assessment of the Roman Catholic liturgy after the Second Vatican Council – ‘Reform of the reform’: Ratzinger’s project of liturgical renewal – Benedict XVI and the liturgy: implementation of Ratzinger’s plan – Critical voices regarding Ratzinger/Benedict’s liturgical vision and actions – Evaluation of Ratzinger/Benedict’s liturgical vision and its importance for the Church at the threshold of the third millennium.

About the author(s)/editor(s)

Mariusz Biliniewicz holds an MA in Biblical Theology from the Pontifical Theological Faculty in Wrocław, Poland and a PhD in Systematic Theology from the Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy in Dublin, Ireland.


«this book is an excellent, accessible view into the liturgical mind of Pope Benedict. Readers come away with a firm grasp of his vision.» (Craig Stephans, Theological Book Review 25.2, 2013)